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My philosophy.

Welcome to my specialist practice for aesthetics and plastic surgery.  The focus is on holistic, aesthetic optimization and anti-aging therapy with both minimally invasive methods and surgery, as well as infusion therapies and biohacks to increase performance and prevent disease.

I am delighted to be back in my home town of Königstein after many years in Hamburg and abroad.

Individual treatment with a holistic view of each of my patients is particularly important to me. My aim is to achieve a natural, harmonious, healthy and fresh appearance without radically changing the outward appearance.

I want to respond explicitly to the wishes and needs of my patients and openly present the possibilities but also the limits of aesthetics and plastic surgery.

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Dr. Mona Rudolph

My maxim

"A sense of symmetry, naturalness and a healthy, radiant appearance is the key to making my patients happy."

#The upgrader

As a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery, I am the right person to contact for such procedures. With me, you are in more than expert hands: with several years of German and international experience, I have specialized primarily in facial and body contouring surgery.

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Hide deficiency.
Feel beautiful.

Beauty is a multi-layered concept that goes far beyond mere appearance. It's about unleashing our inner strength and walking through life with confidence. However, we often start by improving our outer appearance in order to feel liberated and determined. In this process, I would like to help you develop a sense of beauty and well-being.


aesthetic corrections.


I perform customized surgical procedures to improve physical well-being, self-confidence and enjoyment of life. My specialties include intimate surgery, upper eyelid lifts, liposuction and tightening operations. In addition to these specialties, I also offer other surgeries.

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Book an appointment

Simply make an appointment using our online appointment scheduler.

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