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How much does ... cosmetic surgery actually cost?

Opinions differ on the question "Beauty Doc yes or no?". Some are open about the subject. Others recommend a practice behind closed doors. Or dismiss it altogether. It's high time to find out what eyelid lifting, liposuction and other procedures cost.


The number of cosmetic surgeries and treatments that go beyond pure cosmetics is increasing worldwide: around 140 per cent more procedures are now being performed than in 2010*. Brazil tops the list of the most repair-friendly nations, closely followed by the USA. Germany is also taking a more open approach to the issue. I spoke to Dr Mona Rudolph, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, about popular beauty trends, real procedures and their costs.


Anti-ageing or better ageing

Forever Young: Conjuring away wrinkles with Botulinum toxin A, hyaluronic acid and biostimulants is one of the trending topics among the Beauty Docs. And is the third most common procedure in Germany. Better ageing also includes a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, sport and mental training. In order to channel nutrients into the body in the best possible way Dr Mona Rudolph offers infusions. Vitamin C infusions are well known. Newer substances such as spermidine, which is currently being celebrated in Hollywood, are now even said to liver and kidneys, but also protect against cardiovascular disease. "Put simply, spermidine lengthens the protective caps on the chromosomes, the telomeres, which wear out with each cell division," explains Dr Rudoph.


Upper eyelid lift

Let's move on to the number one cosmetic surgery in Germany: eyelid lifting. After stressful days or nights, the eyelids droop. Sometimes even enough sleep no longer helps. An awake look can be achieved with an upper eyelid lift using Botox®. For minimal wrinkles, the cost is around 200 euros depending on the units injected. This lasts for three months, in some cases a little longer. Dr Rudolph prefers this option to thread lifting: the result is sometimes asymmetrical or small lumps appear.


If the upper eyelid is permanently tired and severely sagging, Dr Rudoph also has to reach for the scalpel. In an operation lasting around an hour, tissue and muscles in the crease between the mobile and immobile eyelid are removed. A delicate red line remains, which disappears after six to eight weeks, but can be covered after just ten days. What does it cost? Aesthetic lifting is paid for out of your own pocket. The cost of an upper limb lift is around 2,500 to 3,000 euros. Exception: If the field of vision is restricted, the lift is medically indicated and the costs are covered by the health insurance. However, this requires a medical diagnosis.



A major operation that nevertheless requires sensitivity: a tummy tuck. "Of course, you can simply cut away the overhanging abdominal flap. The result is then rather boxy. What is more desirable is an aesthetic curve that adapts to the body," explains Dr Rudolph. The operation varies greatly, depending on the residual fatty tissue, for example. Incidentally, liposuction ranks 4th in the German surgical charts. "A more beautiful result can be achieved with less abdominal fat. That's why a supplementary diet plan always makes sense." When it comes to abdominal muscles, the specialist favours reconstruction. Especially after pregnancies and caesarean sections, women are often no longer able to do even a single sit-up. The operation, which takes around three hours, is expensive and costs around 9,000 euros.

Intimate surgery

A matter close to Dr Rudolph's heart: intimate surgery. A taboo subject that is not about absurd rejuvenation, but one that brings patients real health improvements. One example: if the labia minora extend beyond the labia majora, this causes pain when cycling, riding or having sexual intercourse. This is an impairment that affects quite a few women for the rest of their lives, but which nobody talks about. These operations are medically indicated in cases of very severe excess. The costs amount to 2,600 to 3,000 euros.



Ultimately, every procedure should be well-considered and not only suit your wallet, but also the doctor. "It's important to provide good, empathetic information and talk about a realistic result. I can't turn every woman into a Barbie. I reject XXL breasts or inflatable boat lips anyway," explains the specialist. She concludes with three tips:


1) Choose a specialist practice that will support you at all times. Comprehensive aftercare is a must.

2) Inform yourself well before a cheap operation abroad: in the event of complications, you will be responsible for the costs at the German clinic.

3) Be careful with fancy Insta posts: Before and after pictures are forbidden in the aesthetic sector.






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